Income During the previous academic session 2015-2016

S.No Head / Source of Income Inncome in INR (write NA for nor applicable)
1 Income from fees
2 Grant received from State Govt. if any No
3 Income from other source : donation etc No
Total Income 87,19,918

Expenditure during the prevous Academic Session 2015-2016

S.No Head of Expenditure Expenditure in INR
A Capital Expenditure
1 Expenditure incurred on a augmentation of infrastucture
2 Expenditure incurred on augmentaion of instructional resource
B Recurring Expenditure
3 Staff Salary 7398400
4 Interest Payment on loans
5 Loan Repayment
6 Miscellaneous Expenditure
C Transfer to Capital Account
7 Transfer to Governiing body
Total Expenditure 11606537.00