Governance Structure

College Committee

1 Sri Ishwar Das Budhwani President Educationist
2 M. L. Manwani Manager Educationist
3 Smt. Kala Kaur Member Educationist
4 Harjendra Singh Member Social Worker
5 Dr. Anila Rastogi Principal Educationist
6 Meera Saxena Teacher Representative Educationist
7 Smt. Triveni Non Teaching Worker Representative Educationist

(A)  Has the institution constituted the management committee-----YES

No. of Meetings of the management committee held during the previous academic session.-

(B) Has institution established a Grievance Redressal Mechanism-----YES

1 Dr. Anila Rashtogi
2 Smt. Meera Saxena- Convener
3 Smt. Amita Chauhan- Member
4 Smt. Nitoo Shukla- Member
5 Smt. Grishma Saxena

(C) Has Institutions established anti-ragging mechanism----YES

1 Dr. Uma Devi Katiyar
2 Dr. Smita
3 Smt. Minakshi
4 Smt. Santosh Kumari

(D) Has Institutions constituted the Quality Assurance Cell------YES